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Ephemeral Mists

The synthetic dream foundation

Ephemeral mists began its musical journey during the beginning of 2009, when composer, Brett Branning from Tampa (Florida/USA) began fusing his cutting edge ambient electronics with the ancient musical traditions and instruments of the middle east and far east. The result is a stunningly beautiful ambient world of sound that goes well beyond the cliches of the genre and reaches for daunting new artistic and creative heights. The debut album, “Moon ritual”, is currently avaiable . . . →Ephemeral Mists


Antaro (Thailand 2009)

Antaro (Wolfgang Matthias Ahrens) is one of the few DJs who are aktiv since the very begining of electronic dance music. He was born in October 1953 in Germany. Currently Antaro is living in Bangkok / Thailand. He plays Psytrance under the name DJ Antaro and Techno under the name EQ San.


Antaro instigated the original trance scene with a series of small parties inspired by his experiences in Goa, India. He started the . . . →Antaro


Amir Ben Natan, a.k.a Chichke

The musical journey of Amir Ben Natan born in 1986, a.k.a Chichke, from Israel, began in 2002 when he started DJing. In 2003 Chichke became resident DJ of Phonokol Records label’s parties. Unfortunately his career was paused for 3 years between 2004-2007, since as Israeli he had to serve in the army.

At the end of 2007, Chichke traveled in Southeast Asia and he was playing at many parties in Goa, including as the headliner . . . →Chichke


DJane Anneli

In August 1998 DJane Anneli became the first female DJ touring Sweden, when she found that she could combine her passion for electronic music with work and began playing Acid-Techno at nightclubs in Sweden. Already in 1994 she discovered the electronic dance music in an underground Goatrance-party!

Now she plays Minimal Tech/Prog/Electro-House around 128 bpm or 140 bpm Psychedelic Trance, the style depends on the organizer’s demands and of course on the people on the . . . →Anneli

Irina Mikhailova

Irina Mikhailova

Born and raised in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Irina currently resides in San Francisco (USA), where for the last ten years she has released many solo and collaborative projects, most of which explore vocal technique, traditional instrumentation and digital composition, all while taking in the styles of contemporary folk, modern lounge, dub-ambient, tribal psy-trance and Arabic groove. Her talents have brought her onto stage with a diversity of world performers, ranging from Cheb i Sabbah . . . →Irina Mikhailova



Psybient, also known as “Ambient Psy”, “Psychedelic Ambient”, “Ambient Goa”, “Ambient Psytrance” or simply chill out and more commonly within the Goa- Psytrance scene as “Psychill” & “Psydub”, is a genre of electronic music that combines elements of psychedelic trance, ambient, world music, new age and even ethereal wave. It often has many dub influences and can also sound somewhat like glitch.

Psybient pieces are often structured around the concept of creating a “sonic . . . →Psybient

Psychedelic (Goa) Trance

Psychedelic (GOA) Trance

Psychedelic trance, psytrance or just psy (derived from the Ancient Greek word ψυχή “psyche”, mind; soul; breath; spirit) is a form of electronic music characterized by hypnotic arrangements of synthetic rhythms and complex layered melodies created by high temporiffs. It appeared in the around in 1990 as with reporting of the trend of Goa trance.

Psytrance lies at the hardcore, underground end of the diverse trance spectrum. The genre offers variety in terms of mood, . . . →Psychedelic (Goa) Trance

Progressive Trance

Progressive (Goa) Trance

Progressive Trance is a popular sub-genre in trance music and contains elements of house, Techno, and ambient music. By the late 1990s, trance became more focused on the anthemic qualities and melodies, moving away from arpeggiated analog synth patterns. Acoustic elements and spacey pads became popular with compositions leaned towards incremental changes progressive structures. Progressive Trance contains distinctive sounds in many tracks, such as unusual basslines or original synthesized sounds, which generally makes it more . . . →Progressive Trance


Minimal & Alternative

We call it PSYLECTRO: Psylectro, also known as Minimal (originally, minimal techno) is a form of electronic dance music that is considered a minimalist derivate of techno. It is characterized by a stripped-down aesthetic that exploits the use of repetition, and understated development. This style of dance music production generally adheres to the motto less is more; a principle that has been previously utilized, to great effect, in architecture, design, visual art, and Western art . . . →Psylectro



Deep in the south of Spain, situated near the Andalusian town of Almonte (between Huelva and Sevilla), and surrounded by the stunning beauty of the National Park of Doñana and the Atlantic Coast, Transition has found the perfect set and setting for an open air trance dance experience. The festival location is magic by itself, providing sunlight and shades giving you a taste of summer at a time the rest of Europe has still not . . . →TRANSITION Festival